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People, Places and Events That Have Shaped The Lone Star State



Just as every person has a story, every town in Texas has countless stories that recount it’s heritage, personality and appeal. “City Stories” is a project which began in 2018 seeking to preserve the people, places and events that have shaped the Lone Star State. Through both images and words, “City Stories” endeavors to capture the essence of each town in a positive, uplifting and memorable form. To explore the pictures and prose commemorating these city stories, visit the project thumbnails below.

City Stories
Celebrating Navasota

"Celebrating Navasota" is an art exhibition designed to capture both the vibrance and nostalgia which exist within the confines of the historic town. The exhibit and companion book are intended to also raise donations and awareness for a yet-to-be-determined Navasota-area nonprofit organization. (Coming late summer 2021.)

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South College Avenue

South College Avenue is the roadway around which the town of Bryan, Texas, and the academic institution now known globally as Texas A&M University grew.. In this art exhibition, entitled “Time, Circumstance, and History,” the thoroughfare comes alive in celebration of a proud past and promising future.

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College Station

Although steeped in the rich history of Texas A&M University, College Station is a vibrant and fascinating place unto itself. The series of stories contained within this project document noteworthy events, milestones and change agents covering the city’s history from its 50th anniversary in 1988 to 2018. 

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