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Project Hold

(The below was taken from the INSITE Magazine website, published on March 12, 2013.)

On Oct. 19, 1938, College Station, the name used for decades by the Postal Service when delivering mail via train to Texas A&M College, officially incorporated as a city.  The vote was 217-39.

This year marks the city’s 75th anniversary, providing the perfect opportunity to gather old photos and other memorabilia to help document College Station’s history.

“The challenge is, some of the best artifacts of College Station are in attics, closets, photo albums and cedar chests right now,” said Jacob Morris, College Station’s historical records coordinator.  “We need families to find those things — not so we can take ownership of them, but so we can photograph items, scan photos and letters, document names and context — and categorize them for public access via our Project HOLD.”

Project HOLD — Historic Online Library Database — preserves items relevant to College Station’s history and makes them available for public viewing and download.

The most-striking historical items brought forward will be displayed in the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum’s exhibit space in the fall to mark College Station’s 75th anniversary.

To make an appointment to either contribute items for Project HOLD or to volunteer to assist with the effort, contact Project HOLD  at

To visit the Project HOLD website, click here.