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People, Places and Events That Have Shaped The Lone Star State


Meandering through the grounds of the College Station Veterans Memorial Park is The American Mile, a project of the College Station Historic Preservation Committee. About every twenty feet are a series of stone tiles highlighting historic events in American, Texan, and College Station history, beginning with the year of our nation's birth: 1776.

Below are events taken from those tiles from 1988 to today, with additions from the “City Stories" series highlighted in red. Click on that hyperlink text to go to the story.



Research Annex at Former Bryan Air Base Named Texas A&M Riverside Campus

41st US President George Herbert Walker Bush


Tim Berners-Lee Invents Worldwide Web

L. Douglas Wilder Becomes 1st African American Governor Elected


Clean Air Act Sets Nationwide Air Pollution Limits

US Census Count: College Station 52,443


Operation "Desert Storm;" Persian Gulf War Begins

Texas A&M Site Selected for the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library


Cold War Ends

North American Free Trade Agreement Approved

27th Amendment Implemented

TAMU Bonfire Moved to Polo Field

Pebble Creek Country Club Opened


42nd US President William J Clinton

Wolf Pen Creek Park Dedicated

Mullis And Smith Earn Nobel Prize

Kay Bailey Hutchison Becomes First Texas Woman Senator


North American Free Trade Agreement Goes Into Effect

Brooke Leslie First Woman Elected TAMU Student Body President


Chess Computer Defeats Champion Karsparov

Dolly The Sheep Cloned In Scotland

19 US Servicemen Killed In Saudi Arabia Bombing

Centennial Olympic Park Bombing In Atlanta Kills One

Dow Jones Average Closes Above 6,000 For First Time


Madeline Albright Becomes First Woman Secretary of State

George H.W. Bush Library Center Is Dedicated

TEEX Opens Urban-Search-And-Rescue Training Site

Brazos Valley Czech Heritage Society Founded


Dow Jones Average Closes Above 10,000 for First Time

TAMU Bonfire Stack Collapses, 12 People Killed

Humana Hospital Becomes College Station Medical Center

George H.W. Bush Celebrates 75th Birthday With Parachute Jump At Bush Library


US Census Count: College Station 67,890

Construction Begins On College Station Veterans Park


43rd President George Walker Bush

Terrorist Attack On World Trade Center And Pentagon

U.S. Invasion Of Afghanistan Begins

World's First Cat Cloned By TAMU Team In College Station


Congress Approves Homeland Security Act

TAMU President Ray Bowen Cancels Bonfire

Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial Dedicated

College Station Retiree Ellis Mooring Reunites With Teenage Sweetheart

The City Of College Station Launches Project HOLD


Space Shuttle "Columbia" Lost On Return From Mission

Iraq War Begins

Hispanics Largest Minority In US

Iraq Forced Out Of Kuwait

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Howard Graves, TAMUS Chancellor Dies

Lincoln Center Begins The Juneteenth Freedom Walk To The George Bush Library

The "Northgate Noise" Boxed Set Is Released


Two Mars Rovers Land On Red Planet

World War II Monument Dedicated In Washington

First Privately-Funded Sub-Orbital Human Spaceflight

230,000 Killed Or Missing From Indian Ocean Tsunami

Legendary Lawman Bob Wiatt Retires As TAMU Director Of Security


Rocket Mission Studies Comets

Kashmir Earthquake Kills 80,000

Hurricane Katrina Hits Gulf Coast

Condoleeza Rice First African-American Secretary of State

Steve Fossett Flies Around World Without Refueling


Texas Aggie Mike Fossum Flies To International Space Station

Dow Jones Average Closes Above 11,800

Construction Begins On Phase II At Veterans Memorial Park

World's Tallest Tree Discovered In Redwood National Park

US Population Reaches 300 Million


American Mile Walk Completed At Veterans Park

King Herrod Tomb Discovered Near Jerusaleum

Dow Jones Average Closes Aboave 14,000

Cost Of Living: Gallon Of Gas $3.38


China Earthquake Kills 69,000

Final Game In Yankee Stadium

Dow Jones Drops 680 Points

Petroleum Hits $100 Per Barrell

Central Park Renamed To Honor Steve Beachy


44th US President Barack Hussein Obama II

US Airways Crashes In Hudson River, All Aboard Survive

Dude Perfect Posts Its First Trick-Shot Video To YouTube

The Aggie Field Of Honor Is Opened Within The College Station Memorial Cemetery


100th Anniversary Of Boy Scouts

100th Anniversary Of Camp Fire Girls

Int'l Space Station Sets Human Occupancy Record

US Census Bureau: College Station 93,857

Memorial Cemetary And Aggie Field Of Honor Dedicated


Tsunami Devastates Northern Japan

Space Shuttle Program Ends

Bastrop Wildfires Burn 1,500 Homes

NY Memorial Plaza And Museum Opens

Chef Tai Lee, TAMU Class Of '02, Opens Veritas Restaurant


Fire Station No. 6 Opens

100th Anniversary Of Girl Scouts

Encyclopedia Britannica Stops Printed Edition

Voyager Space Probe Reaches End Of Solar System

College Station High School Opens Its Doors To Local Ninth- And Tenth-Graders


College Station Celebrates 75th Anniversary

The Created4Change Center Moves To The Lincoln House Of Hope